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Hi everyone! Welcome the new band formed from several well-known San Diego bands.
The band is:

Keyboardist Ramon Avila, from Tijuana, formerly from the Viva Santana Tribute Band. He has toured all over the country with various bands over a couple of decades and is a highly seasoned professional keyboardist and vocalist!

Bassist Eric Koch aka Johnny Rhinestone was born in Michigan but has been in California all his life. He has recorded and colaborated several album/CD projects and been heard live on the air as the lead vocalist for ERTH in the late 80′s. Recordings include bass and vocals with Kevin Toler on an album project called the KHU and a Bass track on a song called The Wheel with famous fusion guitarist Frank Gambali. Johnny has performed at a clinic in San Diego with drummer Allen White of the YES band and played for Flashback, a 60′s classic rock band with Rick Easley and Riley Neal at the helm. Johnny also plays with an originals band, Vacscene which has opened for numerous national acts in concert such as Missing Persons, Eddie Money, Oingo Boingo, Michael Shenker, The Smitherines, Meat Loaf, to name a few. Vacscene also produced a CD co-written with Tim Orrahood and John Murillo on which Johnny recorded the bass tracks. Keep ‘em Rockin’ Johnny Rhinestone!

Next in this line up, fabulous
drummer David Brown has played for many years with the well known Flamenco Jazz guitarist Mario Olivares in San Diego. We call David “The Groove Miester” for his rock solid meter and deep grooves! David has been in many southern California bands over the years and is savy with many different styles of music. He is a very experienced seasoned professional.

Back again after a year of playing with his original band Raja Leon, the initial Mothership singer Joe Wilson on vocals; Joe is bringing some new fun material to the band such as Sublime tunes and Pearl Jam and STP and some reggae to give the band a new party edge! We are glad to have Joe back!

Last but not least our newest member the very talented Guitarist/Vocalist from San Diego, CA, Eddie Leiser. Eddie emerged into the San Diego music scene in the early 70s, performing in the local rock club circuit with various bands such as The Dirk Debonaire Band. He is mainly influenced by the 60’s and 70’s music such as Jimi Hendeix, Alman Brothers, Jeff Beck, Joe Walsh, ZZ Top and more artists from this great musical era. He is the real deal!

For Bookings: Contact Eric at Rhinestone Promotions.